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Lighted Path

This site is written to all who wish to travel the narrow path that leads to life and to a close, interpersonal and intimate relationship with the Creator of the Universe.  His Word will be a lamp to your feet and a light to your path.  As you journey along this path, He will provide you with life more abundantly. 


You will not find any statements of faith or religious doctrines/core values on this site.  These are not requirements for this journey, and in fact will only be stumbling blocks along the way. 


He took the first step on this path with His Love for us from the beginning of creation.  All He requires from those wishing to join Him is a heart that is seeking Him.  Once provided with this heart, He will lead and all you must do is follow.  How close you become with the Creator of the Universe is your choice, limited only by what you put between Him and you.


He will lead you through His Word as found in Scripture. This relationship will allow Him who authored the Word to explain the Word in the simple manner He meant for it to be heard.


Please come and take Him up on His Invitation to reason with Him together and find out that He is thy exceedingly great reward.


All Honor and Esteem are to Him for the creation of this site as I am but His faithful servant following wherever He leads.  My blessing for this work is the opportunity to serve my Creator in the manner He chooses for me while growing closer to Him as He and I build this site together.  Both He and I share the desire that those who are led to this site, and to a close, interpersonal relationship with their Creator, will also share in His blessings accordingly.